Feb 04, 2021 12:00 PM
Greg Arbo
Loneliness: A Silent Epidemic

Over the past two decades, incredible technological advances have been made. While these advances connected people across the globe, they simultaneously gave rise to a public health crisis: Loneliness. When COVID-19 struck in March 2020, people were catapulted into a nearly pure digital lifestyle. With so much isolation and disconnection, loneliness has now dug itself deeper into the hearts of many across the globe.

 In this presentation, I will discuss the foundation of loneliness and the science behind why loneliness is so toxic to human health. We will explore the causes of loneliness and discuss the proliferation of loneliness since physical distancing took effect in March. I will make a case for why human love and connection is the most powerful force of healing, and we will explore creative solutions for fostering love, connection, and community while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.


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