Apr 04, 2019 12:00 PM
Dave Daley
Elder Abuse

Elders in Action is the voice for older adults in the Portland Metro area. We amplify the voices and concerns of older adults through volunteer opportunities, education and advocacy. We advocate for change in the areas of housing, elder abuse and exploitation, isolation and access to services.

Combining information from the US Department of Justice, and State/County Departments of Human Services, supplemented by relevant peer reviewed studies, Elders in Action has developed presentation materials to raise awareness of Elder abuse and neglect in our community.

This presentation will provide vital information that will help all of us:

1. Listen to older adults

2. Look for signs of abuse or neglect

3. Act when abuse is suspected

Substantive progress to reduce elder abuse and neglect is only possible with increased awareness on everyone’s part, combined with the commitment to involve the appropriate help resources to respond. This presentation will give you more information and tools to make that commitment.