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The Foundation of the Rotary Club of East Portland (EPRF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.  Although EPRF is closely related to the East Portland Rotary Club (EPRC), EPRF is a legally and financially distinct entity.  However, there are many commonalities shared by EPRF and EPRC that include people and goals.  All East Portland Rotarians are EPRF members.  Similarly, EPRF and EPRC are separate and distinct entities from Rotary International and the Rotary International Foundation. 


Welcome to the EPRF web pages!  EPRF funds several EPRC committees and community charitable grants that support the Rotary motto “Service above Self.” 


The EPRF website is divided into public and members only sections:


Public: The purpose of the public section is to help you learn what EPRF looks for in grants and provide examples of recent grants.


EPRF Grant Guidelines

EPRF Grant Request Form


EPRF Grant Recipients


Members Only: The purpose of the members only section is to provide education, transparency and accountability to members.  This section contains controlling documents, records, policies and procedures, forms and so forth.


You can send mail to us at East Portland Rotary Foundation, P.O. Box 14664, Portland, OR  97293