Financial Commitment

East Portland Rotary

The mission of East Portland Rotary is “to enhance the quality of life in our community and around the world, via service to others, in ways which reflect our appreciation of diversity and high ethical standards, and which results in personal development, friendship, and enjoyment among our members”. 

Fulfilling this mission requires the personal involvement of the Club’s members through the giving of both time and money.  Giving is the essence of the Rotary motto: “Service Above Self.”  Our membership is diverse in many ways, including the availability of time and treasure.  Some members have a great deal of time or money, or both, in excess of the needs of themselves and their families.  Other members have less, and all members understand that this diversity of resources exists. 

Candidates for Club membership are assumed to have enough time and money resources to be able to share a substantial amount for the fulfillment of our mission in our community and the world in general.  Being an effective Club member requires a serious commitment to share joyfully from our abundance. 

Although there is no specific amount of either time or money commitment required for membership, here are some general expectations:


·        Approximately 2 hours per week to attend the Club luncheon meetings (1.5 hour Club meeting, plus transit time). 

·        Approximately 2 hours per month to attend committee meetings. 

·        Approximately 40-80 hours per year working on Rotary projects and attending Rotary functions. 


·        One-time initiation fee of $150.00.  Annual dues of $225.00, ($190.00 if over 70 years of age), pro-rated quarterly. 

·        Luncheon expense of $12.00 per week, or soup and salad $9.00 

·        Based on a member’s ability, responsibility to participate in the Club’s principal fund raiser, the Rotary Auction, by selling or purchasing at least 4 tickets (totaling approximately $300 per year) and/or contribute items to the Auction, and/or bring friends to bid at the Auction.

·        Miscellaneous “fines” and contributions of various types, totaling usually less than $100 per year. 

·        Not required, but members are encouraged to give $100 to the Club Foundation and $100 to the Rotary International Foundation annually.

Some members are able to give more money and less time; others more time and less money.  Both types of contributions are needed and valued for Rotary work.  Joining East Portland Rotary with clear expectations will result in an informed Rotary experience. 


Rev. 05/13/2017 Brandon Wooters