Rotary End Sex Trafficking began as a multi-club committee in 2012.  East Portland, Albina, Central East Portland and Southeast Portland Rotary Clubs formed the committee and partnered with the Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct Sex Trafficking team early after our formation.  Our signature Soap Project began in 2012 and continues annually since then. We deliver approximately 10,000 bars of soap labeled with the toll free National Trafficking hotline 1-800-377-888 and text BEFREE. 

Since 2015 we co-hosted seven free hospitality training events for area businesses, like hotels, to recognize sex trafficking. 

To educate the public and raise awareness, we participated in a variety of events and campaigns including Rose Festival events and the following efforts to create awareness:

  • Displayed bus tail ads for several years;

  • Displayed digital signage at TriMet bus shelters;

  • Published Oregonian Sports section “Buyer Beware” ads;

  • Walked in parades and candlelight vigils and participated in numerous community events with exhibits;

  • Published brochures outlining the issue and resources, and business cards encouraging “See Something/Say Something”;

  • Reached out to TriMet MAX station riders;

  • Hosted the “More Than A Survivor Exhibit” from NYC for three weeks in conjunction with a panel discussion at four locations;

  • Participated in an anti-trafficking program on cable access; and

  • Distributed t-shirts, bracelets, lapel pins, kozy cups, note pads and trafficked teens (standing cardboard body shaped signs) to be used in the community to share our message, End the Demand.