May 23, 2019 12:00 PM
Nathan Nayman
Portland Diamond Project - meeting in the Fountain Room in the Memorial Coliseum

Nathan Nayman, Community Engagement Advisor for the Portland Diamond Project (PDP) will make a presentation that will explain who and what the PDP is and what they are trying to accomplish. He will explain what it will take to bring baseball back to Portland and what does our window of opportunity looks like. The economic impact of a ballpark to the Portland region will be explained as well.

The presentation will cover who comprises PDP and what they are trying to accomplish as the group focused on building a privately funded ballpark and securing a major league franchise either by relocation or expansion. In order to bring baseball back to Portland the Commissioner of baseball will need to see several components coming together- land for the ball park; investor money; support from the political leadership in the city, region and state and ultimately, support from the fans.

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