It began as more of a social event back in 2009 or so. Platters of hors d'oeuvres and fellowship were big. But we tasted and sold wine and make a small profit ($800).  This was donated to the East Portland Rotary Foundation. Pete Maring and John Martin led the way.

But in 2011, energetic EPR Ron Atwood took over and made it a main EVENT on the Rotary Calendar.  The date was changed to September and Ron and Rebecca opened their fabulous home as the destination.  Initially knowledgeable Rotarians, including Larry Salimena and John Howell, poured the wine and provided background.  We now recruit professional wine experts from a local distributor to pour tastings of both local and international varieties. The sales have grown remarkably each year.

By September of 2022, the profit to our Foundation was $17,121 on sales of $35, 477!  We were selling cases of fine wine to Rotarians and guests for the Holidays and year-long consumption.

This Event, behind the strong efforts of Ron Atwood and volunteers has become an annual major fundraiser for our Club.  Come next year and sip and learn.