NE 82 Avenue has and is a "real hot spot” in Portland for Trafficking!!!     
The PPB Trafficking Unit asked our committee if a billboard would be possible in this high trafficking area.  PPB has a program in place for two years to address crime.    Our multi club trafficking committee (Albina, Central East, East Portland and SE) has been active since 2012 except during Covid and we took the request seriously.
The billboard above was installed June 5 and we have a year contract that will move the billboard 3 times over the year in the same area on either side of McMichael HS.  Making it appear we have more billboards.
This location is NE 82nd and Milton (near Fremont) before Sandy Blvd. heading north.   This area has massage parlors, motels and many restaurants that the students frequent.
Buyers stop students on the sidewalks going to and from McMichael HS (formerly Madison on NE 82nd) asking for dates.  
I have met with the principal and delivered materials to be distributed by his staff to businesses along 82nd.   We have plans to include their PTA and a student lead group in anti-trafficking education and awareness in the fall.  The current principal was the Vice Principal several years ago when we worked with a student led group and there was a panel discussion in the auditorium with several city and county agencies.  The Principal has reached out and is working with their middle school acknowledging younger children are recruited into the trafficking world too.
  Our committee is working with the PPB Trafficking Unit and McDaniel HS staff to address this serious problem along NE 82nd Avenue and elsewhere as needed.