On National Human Trafficking Awareness Day (January 11, 2019), over 70 people walked NE 82nd Avenue from Glisan Street to Sandy Boulevard.  Historically, this portion of 82nd was known for prostitution. 

Our goal was to gather Rotarians, Interactors, friends, family, community members and survivors.  Law enforcement (including the Sex Trafficking Unit, and parole and gang officers) joined us to show their support for those youth still in the life.  We walked carrying battery operated candles, safety vests and anti-trafficking signs.  We demonstrated to the youth that we know they don’t have the choice when their trafficker sends them out to find “dates” no matter the weather. 

Along the walk, people in cars and in parking lots, honked horns and thanked us for raising awareness.  KATU covered our walk and aired it on their 11 p.m. news.  View here.  Their coverage reached many people and expanded the reach of our message. 

Since 2012, the multi-club End Sex Trafficking Committee has worked to educate and create awareness of sex trafficking in our community.  The past few years we participated in the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade (a Rose Festival event) during the last weekend in April and walked 82nd from Holgate to Yamhill.  We will do so again this year. 

In May we’ll distribute 10,000± labeled soap bars to hotels providing victims the National Hot Line, 888-3737-888 to call or TEXT for help.