Jan 23, 2020 12:00 PM
Dave Ripley
From Grief to Resilience

Loss of a dear loved one will impact us all sooner or later.  How one grieves greatly impacts one’s present and future well-being.  Without appropriate help often the result of a devastating loss is prolonged despair, emptiness, and desperation.  With proper guidance and support, most of us are able to reconcile our loss and move ahead, reestablishing a productive and enjoyable life.


Dave Ripley is not a professional in this field.  But he did suffer the shattering loss of his wife of 45 years eight years ago, and, thanks to so much wonderful support, was able to rebuild his life.  For the past five years, he has helped facilitate a grief support group at an area hospital as a hospice volunteer,continuing to learn more about this important life topic and those who experience it.  In his talk, “From Grief to Resilience”, he covers why it is so important to talk about this topic, common grief myths, and a wide range of activities that can help in moving to resilience.