Jul 11, 2019 12:00 PM
Eric Maskol
The Value of Keeping a Clear Picture of Your Business's Finances

Many business owners think that they "don’t really pay attention to the numbers", but in practice, they do tend to follow one or two very simple metrics (such as the bank account balance), which by themselves do not give a clear picture. Keeping tabs on only part of the financial picture often leads to a reactive, “feast and famine" business style that’s overly risky and not a lot of fun. Eric believes the chances of success are much greater for those who view their business finances as a whole, and he will provide tips on how to do just that. Something as simple as reviewing financial reports for a few minutes each month can lead to much smarter decision-making by keeping false assumptions from gaining a foothold.

Eric comes to us from Portland-based bookkeeping firm, Pine Ledger LLC. Eric has more than 10 years experience in small business accounting and has worked with dozens of small businesses across a wide variety of industries. He specializes in the analysis of financial reports, offering strategic advice to business owners on ways to run their businesses more profitably, and has also been a guest speaker at entrepreneurship classes for the Portland Metro SBDC.